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Keynote: Prof. Dr. Marcus Düwell

“Why should creativity have a role in Academia?”


Marcus Düwell (born in 1962) holds a chair for philosophical ethics at Utrecht University. He is director of the Ethics Institute of Utrecht University and director of the Utrecht Research Institute for Philosophy and Religious Studies. From 2005-2012 he was director of the Netherlands Research School for Practical Philosophy. Düwell studied Philosophy, German Literature and Theology in Tübingen and Munich. His PhD-thesis at the university of Tübingen was a philosophical investigation about the relationship between ethics and aesthetics. From 1993-2001 he was academic coordinator of the Interdepartmental Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities at the University of Tübingen.

Our keynote-speaker, Marcus Duwëll, addressed the main topic of the Together we (re)search conference from his philosophical perspective, by exploring the question: should creativity be a part of academia? His message was clear; scientific facts need interpretation. And for interpretation, creativity, such as being able to see other perspectives, is needed. The interpretation of the facts, should then be clearly and especially, coherently communicated to the public. In a world full of doubt and alternative facts, the academia is obligated to the public to be coherent in their interpretation of scientific work.

Due to personal reasons, we are sorry to inform you that Prof. Dr. Paul Ziche will not be able to attend the Together we (re)search Conference. We wish him, and his family, strength for the upcoming time. 


Keynote: Prof. Dr. Paul Ziche

“On the one hand, science should be open for innovation and transparancy to enhance the scope of scientific research, but on the other hand the traditional scientific boundaries are still recognisable. This philosophical issue can directly be found in the context of research.”

The keynote of the third edition of the ‘Together we (re)search Conference’ studied philosophy, Physics and Psychology in München en Oxford, and is an expert on the matter of creativity in science. He works both in the Netherlands and Germany and regularly is asked for workshops or lectures all over Europe. At Utrecht University he is interim head of the department for Philosophy and Religious Studies, and minister to multiple courses at the faculty of Humanities.

Find his publications, interests and projects on https://www.uu.nl/medewerkers/PGZiche