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Together we (re)search Conference 2019

The fourth edition of the ‘Together we (re)search Conference (TWSC)’: The Future of Social Sciences
20th of February, 2019 from 13:00 till 17:00 at the Martinus J. Langeveld building 

Welcome to the official page of the ‘Together we (re)search Conference 2019’. This conference gives students the opportunity to explore the research field of social and behavioural sciences through different workshops.

This year’s TWS Conference will focus on the future and importance of social and behavioural sciences. Within the field of research, it is sometimes overshadowed by other fields that are considered to be more relevant. Critics argue that social sciences are mostly too theoretical, whereas other fields can come up with more specific results that can be applied practically. Nowadays some social scientists even feel that they have to prove their value towards outsiders. However, we must not underestimate the power of social sciences as a relevant field by itself and undoubtedly also in cooperation with other fields.

This conference aims to give an overview of the developments and different aspects in the field of social sciences through various workshops. Furthermore, it intends to show the relation between social sciences and other research fields in order to obtain new insights as to where the future will lead social sciences and scientists. Besides, there will also be a market at the end of the conference to get in contact with people from various institutions and organisations within the field of social sciences.

If you are up to discover the true value of social scientific research and are curious about your opportunities in the future, this conference is for you! Over the next weeks we will keep informing you about speakers, workshops and the market. So do not forget to check our website and Facebook.

We hope to see you all on the 20th of February!

The Together we (re)search Conference committee