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Together we (re)search Conference 2018

Welcome on the official page of the ‘Together we (re)search Conference’

On the 7th of March 2018 the third edition of the ‘Together we (re)search (TWS) Conference’ was organized. The TWS Conference, previously known as the Researchparade (Onderzoeksparade), will be a place for exploring the field of research in the social and behavioural sciences.

In social science we often are confronted with constructs that can be viewed from different disciplines. Look at the construct ‘Intelligence’ for instance; after decades of research, researches still use different definitions and operationalisations. It is therefore of utmost importance that researchers work together: to accomplish consensus and to learn from each other. New scientific rules, boundaries and conceptions of constructs are defined in what is called multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary scientific research. In order to reach this new way of thinking, researchers have to be challenged to think critically, but openly and creative. Although being creative means having an open mind and being innovative, researchers still have ethical boundaries to abide. How do these rules of procedure work? This conference aims at exploring the opportunities and limitations for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary social scientific research.

Moreover, social research has a more central place in 21st century society. In order to reach the true value of social scientific research, collaborations should not solely happen within the academic field, but links should also be crossed between the academic and the practical field. What can businesses learn from social scientific research(ers) and vice versa? This topic is the main incentive for the market at the end of the conference.